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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Is Here!

Great new capabilities for startups and entrepreneurs at OSML

Dan Hendricks
October 2018   1334 views

Developing Transactive Energy: Advancing "Smart" Energy

Courtney Cromer
July 2018   993 views

Startup78: Growing the Startup Community in North County San Diego

By Courtney Cromer

Dan Hendricks
June 2018   1676 views

How I got my jumpstart in Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things

by Joy Lopez Cervera

Dan Hendricks
July 2017   2621 views

August 2016 Newsletter

Making A Difference

Ariel Therrien
September 2016   2810 views

OSML at San Diego Maker Faire 2016

Making A Difference

Dan Hendricks
September 2016   2208 views

Internet of Things Workshop

August 2016 Workshop

Bryan Hendricks
August 2016   2145 views

July 2016 Newsletter

Makers Making a Difference

Dan Hendricks
August 2016   2240 views

June 2016 Newsletter

Makers Making a Difference

Dan Hendricks
June 2016   3349 views

OSML Supports Student Rocket Launch

Makers Making a Difference

Dan Hendricks
May 2016   3028 views

SEDS UCSD Launches Liquid Fueled Rocket

Built and Tested at OSML

Dan Hendricks
May 2016   3773 views

Maker Spotlight: Jenny Anderson!

Ellen Hendricks
April 2016   2319 views

Power Racing Series at OSML

Form your team and join the race!

Open Source Maker Labs, OSML
April 2016   2643 views

New at OSML: The Maker Experience!

Ellen Hendricks
April 2016   3335 views

Science Workshop with Pathways Academy

Bringing Making into Schools

Ellen Hendricks
April 2016   2156 views

OSML and San Diego Maker Faire

Ellen Hendricks
April 2016   2539 views

August Update

Ellen Hendricks
April 2016   1974 views

NASA 3D Printing Challenge


Ellen Hendricks
March 2016   2279 views

We Have a Space!

Ellen Hendricks
March 2016   1833 views

Moving Day

Ellen Hendricks
March 2016   1638 views

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