Maker Spotlight: Jenny Anderson!

Ellen Hendricks

Open Source Maker Labs is putting the spotlight on one of its newest members: Jenny Anderson!

Jenny is a STEM teacher at Casita Center elementary and heard about OSML through her coworker, Keri Wise. Jenny describes being at the lab as “therapeutic,” saying she can design an object and have a quick, physical outcome. She is exploring potential kits to use in her own lab at Casita – due to the new standards for science, she says, the curriculum is now about the engineering design cycle, with the improving and refining that comes with it.

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“Being patient and open-minded is crucial,” Jenny says. “Being here really teaches me about the value of the process instead of just the outcome.”


In an education system where project-based learning has recently developed into a focus on presentable products, Jenny points out that this detracts from the students’ learning. “A lot of teachers will step in and do it for them,” she tells us. “But you need to let the kids struggle. You can make it look perfect, but it’s more about the process than the product.”

You can frequently find Jenny on the lasercutter – come see what she’s up to!