Power Racing Series at OSML

Form your team and join the race!

Open Source Maker Labs, OSML
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OSML is hosting teams for PRS

Power Racing Series (PRS) is a fun and challenging race. Basically, it's all about hacking Power Wheels toy cars and rebuilding them for an adult-sized race. Cars are limited to $500 (excluding batteries, team operations, and particularly safety equipment) to make it easier for teams to get into the race. There are no limits on ingenuity and innovation to build a race car (channel your best MacGyver...).

It's not just about fast cars (some of them get up to 35 mph) - there's a strong creative side to this, too. Equal weight is given to performance and to moxie - how audacious your car, team and pit are.

Power Racing Series will be one of the main attractions (called spectaculars) at this year's Maker Faire, in Balboa Park, October 1-2. Teams are required to have a minimum of three members (a driver, a mechanic, and a race volunteer).


OSML will be accepting applications for teams that would like to be hosted in our makerspace to build their cars. We've made it easy to get going with just four basic steps:

  1. Form a team and sign up with PRS (for free)

  2. Crowdfund your team through our Indiegogo campaign that's already set up

  3. Come to OSML and build your car

  4. Race your car at the San Diego Maker Faire!

If you'd like to know more about Power Racing Series at OSML, drop us a note at powerracing@opensourcemakerlabs.com .