NASA Live Broadcast: SLS Booster Test

2016-06-28 06:30 to 2016-06-28 08:30 (US/Pacific)

Vista, United States

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Live Broadcast at the Lab

Did you know that NASA is building the largest solid propellant rocket booster in the world? NASA will test a full-scale, test version of the booster, designated Qualification Motor-2, or QM-2, on June 28, 2016, at the Orbital ATK test facility in Promontory, Utah. The test is scheduled for 10:05 a.m. EDT.

QM-2 is a five-segment solid propellant booster that will help power the Space Launch System, or SLS. The two-minute, full-duration static test is a huge milestone for the SLS Program and will measure the booster’s performance at a cold motor conditioning target of 40 degrees Fahrenheit -- the colder end of its accepted propellant temperature range.

The solid rocket boosters -- measuring 177 feet long and producing 3.6 million pounds of thrust -- operate in parallel with the main engines for the first two minutes of flight. The boosters provide more than 75 percent of the thrust needed for the launch vehicle to escape the gravitational pull of Earth.

SLS is an advanced, heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide an entirely new capability for science and human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit. When completed, two five-segment boosters and four RS-25 main engines will power the world's most powerful rocket, with the Orion spacecraft atop, to achieve human exploration to deep-space destinations, including our journey to Mars.



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