Maker Safety & Operations Certification Program

Our Certification program has two objectives. First, it ensures the safety of our members while using and working in close proximity with advanced manufacturing equipment. Secondly, it encourages learning and participation by our members through a clearly defined path that builds confidence and skills!

Each piece of equipment in our lab has a set of posted safety rules and performance actions that are necessary for certification - specific things one needs to "know" and "show" to be certified by an OSML staff member to use that equipment.

MEMBERS: If you would like to be certified in Level 1 or 2 certifications, please email to set up a specific time. Please note that Level 1 certifications are taught in one two hour session. If you would like to be certified in Level 3 or 4 certifications, look at Events or email us for more information.

There are four groups, or levels of certification:

                Level 1 - Common power tools that are a baseline for most projects

                Level 2 - More complex power tools that have more specific safety requirements

                Level 3 - Requires a workshop course to learn safe operation of that specific machine

                Level 4 - Requires a more extensive workshop course or series of courses

Specific safety rules and certification requirements are listed at the links below:

                Level 1 -  Soldering Stations & Heat Gun

                             - Power Saws (circular, recip, sabre)

                             - Electric Drills/ Impact Driver

                             - Band Saw

                             - Drill Press

                Level 2 - Panel Saw

                             - Miter Saw

                             - Hand Router

                             - Sheet Metal Shear/ Brake/ Roller

                             - Angle Grinder

                             - Pedestal Grinder

                Level 3 - Afinia 3D Printers

                             - Laser Cutter

                             - Flux Core Welding

                Level 4 - CNC Router

                             - CNC Mill

                             - CNC Lathe

                             - MIG Welding

Age Policy

We encourage learning for Makers of all ages, and for families to create together. Adults have access to all equipment and spaces in the lab, minors are limited by age and specific equipment. "Supervised" means that an adult certified on that piece of equipment must be present at all times and ensure safe operations throughout the entire operation of the equipment.

Equipment  Ages 14 and 15, Supervised Ages 16 and 17, Supervised Ages 16 and 17, Unsupervised
3D Printers
Laser Cutter

Soldering Irons
Panel Saw

Miter Saw

Power Saws/Router


CNC Router
Metal Band Saw

Shear/ Brake/ Roller

Floor Drill Press  
CNC Mill

CNC Lathe

Abrasive Chop Saw


Mig Welder