Equipment List


We have soldering stations, oscilliscopes, DC Power supplies, and Function Generators avaliable for use in our Electronics Lab 

3D Printing

There are three machines in this section of the lab: two Afinia model 480s, and a Series 1 Type A machine.

Laser Cutting

Our Laser cutter is an 80 watt, CO2 Rabbit Laser machine, with a 36 by 24 inch cutting bed 

Large Assembly & Materials Handling

We have a 4000 lb capacity forklift and high bay loading doors for your larger projects!

Metal Working

For metal working uses, we have a Sherline 440 CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, 70 inch floor drill press, a Lincoln 140c MIG welder for both steel and aluminum, a chop saw, angle grinder, and vertical/horizontal band saw.

Wood Working

Our woodworking area currently features a Safety Speed H5 Panel Saw, a Hitachi Compound Miter Saw, a Probotix V90 CNC Router, and various hand power tools, including a hand power saw, orbital sander, and power drill.