Maker Challenges

 The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

We're finding more opportunities to support team-based maker challenges for cutting-edge projects and inventions.

What are team-based maker challenges?

Making covers an incredible range of skill sets and technologies, but too often when we hear about making, it's usually associated with a few basic skills - typically 3D printing and LEDs. Maker challenges put all of these skills and many others into the context of solving problems:

Design and build, or significantly repurpose, a product that will solve a problem, need or want.

Team-based maker challenges are about tackling the toughest problems, and have several common characteristics:

  • They attempt to solve a problem with a new or novel approach
  • There is a definite time limit
  • The problem is large enough that it takes a team to solve it
  • May take place in a competition format

In addition to using a combination of many technical skills, team-based maker challenges also require many non-technical skills: ingenuity, teamwork, communications, tenacity, courage and commitment.

 (here's THE most important paragraph...)

This last set of skills won't be found in any course catalog from your local schools, but employers are constantly seeking people that can demonstrate those skills. The end product is not as important as the path you took to get there. This is where team-based maker challenges come in. They give you the chance to exercise and demonstrate those skills.

What kind of challenges do you host at OSML?

Lots! Here are some examples (past, present and future):

and more to come...