Maker Workshops

Discover the world of Making

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Find the maker in you

Making may be a relatively new term, but it's really what we've always done in America. We're a nation of inventors, discoverers, innovators - where we have the opportunity to learn and create.

These workshops introduce you to the many facets of making, and will give you ideas on how to get started.


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MA101 Everyone a Maker!

This free, half-hour class is open to members and non-members. Hear about how the Maker Movement began, see video of Maker Faires around the world, and learn about the many inventions of makers.


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MA102 Makerspace Sampler

This one-hour tour gives an in-depth look at the equipment and projects in the lab, and includes a demonstration of the laser cutter.


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MA201 Makerspace Experience

This three-hour workshop is a hands-on experience sampler of all the key areas of our makerspace. Participants get taste of different tools and techniques that lead to design and building:

  • Try your hand at CAD software to make a 3D design

  • Prototype a circuit with the Arduino microcontroller

  • Solder a blinking LED badge

  • Print a 3D design on a 3D printer

  • Laser cut a 2D design on our 80 watt laser cutter

  • Observe flux core welding of steel