a person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career

 The OSML Engineering Protégé Program

Jump start your career

OSML is offering an Engineering Protégé program that builds skills and valuable work experience for college students and recent college graduates to improve their chances at employment in their area of study.

It’s like an internship or an apprenticeship in that you get to develop new skills for your career, but you don’t work for us - we help you build your resumé.

The cost of the three month long program is provided by sponsoring companies that are looking to recruit local talent like you - there is no cost to participants , other than working hard!

Each cohort of students will be given an engineering challenge to complete within a deadline and budget. Guidance, training and mentoring are provided by OSML staff to ensure that participants have sufficient skills, materials and equipment to successfully complete the challenge , while promoting innovation and novel solutions.

All challenges are multidisciplinary by design, and provide documentable evidence of proficiency in the skill sets that employers find lacking in recent graduates. Sample challenges include:

  • High Altitude Balloon - Information Technology (HAB-IT) flights - design, build and operate a high altitude balloon with scientific instrument payloads to fly at altitudes of 80,000 - 120,000 feet.

  • Autonomous ground vehicle systems - design, build and operate land robotic systems with LIDAR sensor technology

  • Autonomous underwater vehicle systems - develop underwater robotic platforms that can compete in the international RoboSub competition

  • EIoT - environmental internet of things - remote sensor grid network to monitor environmental conditions using wireless and cloud computing technologies

Participants meet at least twice per week for two-hour training sessions, plus two or three work sessions supported by OSML lab staff. Total commitment time for participants is approximately 10 hours per week. Project results and skills gained are documented online in a digital portfolio, maintained by participants and available to potential employers. Digital badges will be issued to certify completion. Sponsoring companies that are recruiting local talent will be available at OSML for networking opportunities.

Attend an open house and information session, Friday, Sep 22 at 6 PM at OSML

Now accepting applications for Fall 2017 program. Send a letter of interest to by  September 25, 2017.