Student Information Sessions

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 4:00 PM @OSML

Thursday, Dec. 13, 6:00 PM @OSML

Past Project Examples

Transactive Energy Project -

Check out this blog post on the project

High Altitude Balloon Projects -

Participants had a short period of time in which to design and build a functioning HAB, focusing on the collection and analysis of data from near space environments. Each of the various projects incorporated interdisciplinary design, sensors, Internet of Things, and operations & systems engineering. Several versions of this project have been run, ranging from two to sixteen team members of different academic backgrounds.

Stem Academy Sessions -

There were two variants of these sessions here at OSML. In the first session was run  in conjunction with a short introductory course in programming in C++ at Palomar, while participants designed physical courses for small robots to traverse at the lab. The second session was run in conjunction with an introductory course in the circulatory system at Palomar, while participants designed working models via plumbing equipment and pumps at OSML. Both groups gained knowledge of equipment/ tool operations, a basic introduction to systems engineering, and experience working in an industrial environment.