Science Expedition Vehicle

 #ProjectATLAS is a self-sustaining, all-terrain vehicle built for conducting real science experiments in remote locations, allowing students and members of the public to explore our environment!
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Our Story

OSML is an innovation lab for researchers, entrepreneurs and developers of new products. Universities, individuals, industry and government subscribers and partners gain access to professional engineers, classroom facilities, digital infrastructure and fabrication equipment that support the entire rapid prototyping lifecycle. We also develop talent for employers through hands-on science, engineering and product development challenges led by experienced mentors. Clients include the Department of the Navy, California State University San Marcos, Palomar College, ASML-Cymer, Flux Power and IVD Vision.

We’ve supported and mentored some great student teams doing incredible hands-on science, including liquid-fueled rocket launches to test 3D-printed engine designs, high altitude balloon flights to record environmental data, and transactive energy systems to develop nanogrid renewable energy systems.

Our most impactful projects have always resulted from the fusion of three core principles: solving real-world problems, overcoming technical challenges with innovative solutions, and getting “out in the field” to test those solutions.

We thrive on tackling the tough challenges - this project is our biggest ever: Project ATLAS. This will be the means to get out into the environment, particularly remote locations, to help people learn science by doing it.

The Science Expedition Vehicle

The Idea:A self-sustaining, all-terrain vehicle built for conducting real science experiments in remote locations, #ProjectATLAS will allow students and members of the public to explore our environment and do engineering and science in the field!

The Expeditions: Participants will be able to conduct real research in a variety of areas, gathering ecological, geological, and atmospheric data. #ProjectAtlas will also support field testing of engineered prototypes, sensors, and data analysis.

The Build: The project build will take place over 3-6 months at Open Source Maker Labs in Vista, and will include the following design elements:

  • Fully functional, portable field lab

  • Onboard computers for data analysis and visualization

  • Test equipment for analysis of samples

  • Neutral energy footprint via custom solar array

  • Remote internet connectivity for real-time collaboration and access to global datasets

Why citizen science?

First, just what is citizen science? It includes the collection and analysis of datarelating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.

We can all participate in science, and we should. Citizen science is not just about collecting and analyzing data. It’s about understanding how science actually works, and how it doesn’t. No matter what your interests or vocation might be, science truly affects all of us - particularly when it comes to the environment. Understanding science is half of the problem. The other half is where the citizen comes in. We all have a voice, and a responsibility, to participate in a democratic society - we should do so as informed citizens. As citizen scientists, we are active participants in matters of science that affect us all.

I love it! How Can I support?

Help us build the portable lab that goes on the SEV. In our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaignIndiegogo crowdfunding campaign , we have some great perks available to say thank you for your support in helping us bring citizen science to more people. This will help us build the portable lab, solar array, and other additions to the Science Expedition Vehicle.

Risks & Challenges

“We’ve never done this before”. But, that’s our motto. We have a solid history of some amazing projects here at OSML. With the right ingenuity and tools, we can build almost anything.

This is a complex engineering project, with structural, electrical, habitation, and laboratory subsystems that must be integrated into a compact, self-sustaining system. We have the right expertise, and the perfect facility, to complete the project. Along the way, our members that will be participating in the design, fabrication and testing will gain an incredible set of skills and experience that are in high demand by employers.

Other Ways You Can Help

Become a Corporate Sponsor - support STEM and citizen science in a unique way.

Have a PhD? Participate in expeditions as scientist and engineer mentors.

Join OSML and be a part of an incredible design/build project. Build your resume with design, engineering, and fabrication experience.